Top 10 instant cook pots

If you are looking for an appliance that will save you time and money as well as improve your experience in the kitchen, you should consider adding an instant cook pot to your cooking arsenal. For instance, most instant cook pots include a variety of appliances, with some including as many as 10 different appliances in one.

Using an instant cook pot means you can simply place the food inside, set it, and be sure that your food is ready when you are. However, as there are a variety of instant pots available, choosing from the top 10 instant cook pot list can help make your decision that much easier, saving you time, money, and the hassle that comes with cooking.

1. Instant Pot Duo Nova

Perfect for beginners, the Duo Nova provides you the convenience of a one-touch control panel that allows you easy access to 13 customizable programs. Additionally, the included microprocessor expertly adjusts and monitors a variety of cooking variables, such as temperature, heat and pressure to ensure you enjoy delicious results no matter the meal. Finally, the food-grade cooking pot is stainless steel, free of chemical coating, and dishwasher safe.


– fast cooking times
– seven appliances that include a pressure cooker, saute pan, and yogurt maker
– over 10 UL-certified safety features


Some customers have reported that the valve on the smart lid stays open if not pressed properly, which allows the liquid to boil down due to a lack of pressure.

2. Yedi 9-in-1 Total Package

With nine appliances to choose from, this instant cook pot from Yedi makes meal time a breeze. For instance, it expertly handles everything from meat to yogurt, and unlike many other instant cookers, it allows you to manually set cooking times and pressure levels. In terms of usability, the instant-touch design allows you to quickly and easily choose from 15 different cooking programs.


– deluxe accessory kit ensures frustration-free cooking
– includes oven mitts and measuring cup
– comes with two types of guarantees: a two-year money-back or replacement


The lid can get rather hot, so it is recommended that you use the included oven mitts.

3. Instant Pot Lux 6-in-1

From ribs to soup, the Lux from Instant Pot is designed to handle it all while cooking your meals up to 70 percent faster than other methods. Additionally, if you prefer a simple approach to meals, you will certainly appreciate the 12 different one-touch programs that making cooking most anything a breeze. In terms of safety, among the over 10 safety features, the overheat protection and safety lock are sure to keep you safe when using the pressure cooker feature.


– dishwasher-safe components and accessories
– inner pot comprised of stainless steel
– three-ply bottom in inner pot for durability and safety


For some users, due to the font size, the directions may be hard to read.

4. Instant Pot Smart WiFi

In addition to the convenience of cooking with an instant cook pot, the Smart WiFi cooker from Instant Pot provides you the convenience of controlling your cooker via WiFi and Alexa. You can also enjoy access to over 1,000 pre-programmed recipes, receive alerts, and share access to the cooker with family members. The keep-warm function will keep your food at the exact right temperature until you are ready to eat while the delay-start feature gives you the option to delay cooking for up to 24 hours.


– free Instant Pot app compatible with iOS and Android
– access to support from millions of users
– 13 one-touch smart programs


Some users report that the unit’s cord is too short.

5. Mueller 10-in-1 Pot Pro Series

This instant cook pot is German engineered, which easily places it in the top 10 instant cook pot list. For instance, the heat-resistant handles will not fail you, and the internal electronics will continue to perform from year to year. Additionally, the bonus rack is made of stainless steel and allows you to cook two dishes at one time.


– free of PTFE and PFOA
– heat is evenly distributed
– fully sealed environment
– multiple safety mechanisms are ETL certified


The menu is not illuminated, making it difficult for some users to read.

6. Instant Zest Plus

The Instant Zest Plus includes nine smart programs for non-pressure cooking of foods, such as mixed grains, white rice, and quinoa. However, this cooker also includes four additional smart programs for such things as steaming and sauteing. For added convenience, this instant cook pot automatically adjusts the cooking time based on the amount of ingredients you include.


– built-in protection from overheating
– one-touch cooking
– cooker doubles as a warmer for a variety of foods


– pressure cooker not included

7. Mealthy MultiPot

The MulitPot from Mealthy takes the convenience of cooking with an instant cook pot to another level via the nine accompanying appliances. For instance, it comes with a steamer basket, which allows you to cook two dishes at once, saving you valuable time. The 14 cooking programs are just one easy touch away, which makes cooking everything from poultry to chili that much easier.


– accessories include silicone mitts, an extra silicone gasket, and a ladle
– mobile app included
– access to recipes
– access to step-by-step videos


– pressure cooker feature requires manual setting

8. Aroma Housewares ARC-994SB 2O2O

Touted as America’s top rice cooker, this cooker from Aroma will deliver perfectly cooked rice as well as other tasty dishes, including risotto and oatmeal. For extra convenience, the built-in steamer allows you to retain your food’s valuable nutrients while simultaneously cooking rice, stew, or any other dish you want.


– inner pot coating up to eight times stronger
– scratch resistant
– easy cleanup
– all parts and accessories BPA free


Although this is easy to store, the two-quart capacity might be too small for some families.

9. Mueller UltraPot

With ten appliances in one and 15 preset smart programs, the UltraPot from Mueller can handle just about any recipe your taste buds desire. Furthermore, the UltraPot provides you the flexibility to manually set cooking times, allowing you to cook just about anything your imagination allows.


– high-quality rubber seals
– non-stick, ceramic interior coating
– easy cleanup
– includes a steamer basket
– stainless-steel, food-grade cooking pot
– no chemical coating


Some users report difficulty with closing the lid.

10. Potastic

With just one simple purchase of this instant cook pot from Potastic, you can replace 10 common kitchen appliances, including a pressure cooker and a rice cooker. The dual-pressure settings and 16 smart cooking programs ensure you can cook everything from stew to yogurt to a level of perfection you are sure to enjoy each and every time.


– includes a recipe book, a rice paddle, and oven mitts
– stainless-steel steamer basket for cooking two dishes at a time
– all 10 safety mechanisms are ETL certified


Some users report less than satisfactory customer support.

Verdict on the instant cook pot

Clearly, the instant cook pot is an incredible appliance that brings convenience as well as valuable time-saving aspects to any cooking experience. In fact, you would be hard pressed to find another appliance that is this versatile and designed to ensure a perfectly cooked meal each and every time–no matter the cooking requirements.

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