Top 10 Bidet Fresh Water Spray

There are many people that feel strongly about the use of bidets vs toilet paper. Installing a simple the day fresh water spray in your bathroom could be an excellent way that you could cut your toilet paper budget for good while enjoying a better sense of clean.

What is a bidet?

Traditional bidets are often a bowl or receptacle that’s used to wash down after you go to the bathroom. It typically includes a series of water jets to spray down after you go to the bathroom and a plumbed in water supply with a proper drainage opening.

Bidets can be separate from your toilet but most modern bidet systems come in the form of toilet attachments. These freshwater spray attachment can be installed with your current plumbing and on top of your toilet seat design. These types of bidets will extend from your toilet bowl and produce the same effect as a separate bidet with a series of features that are optional.

Bidets have a wide range of preferences as well including intuitive controls and settings for high pressure, low pressure, cool water and warm water. By finding a bidet with fresh water spray that suits your lifestyle you’ll be able to get an uncompromised level of clean. Here are some of the best types of bidets on the market today that you should start with:

Toto Bidet C100:

The Toto Bidet C100 is a fresh and clean water spray that’s available with a heated seat, deodorizer setting, warm air dryer, premist setting and more. It’s gentle and extremely powerful spray can provide a highly effective clean and an adjustable warm water and pressure setting. The dual action spray also comes with an oscillating option and a seated seat. The air deodorizer is one of the most unique settings on this device and includes an adjustable level of misting for the toilet bowl before each use. This can cut down on odours inside the bathroom and make sure that you can enjoy a more consistently clean toilet as well as better hygiene. Side panel adjustments allow for self-cleaning wands to clean the toilet bowl, heating for the seat, heating for the water and more.

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Bio Bidet BB2000:

The Bliss 2000 from bio bidet is considered their flagship line including unlimited warm water, a premier class of luxury and smart toilet seat settings. This bidet is a bit more expensive than some of the other attachments on our list but it included three and one stainless steel nozzle that improves hygiene with a vortex style jet. The heated seat and heated water settings ensure improved comfort and the warm air dryer can also make the process of using the bidet easier. The device comes with a night light, energy-saving mode, oscillating and pulsing technology as well as bubble infusion and vortex wash. The hybrid heating technology can deliver ongoing seat and hot water heating so that you can enjoy the experience without discomfort. This is a bidet attachment like no other.

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Brondel S300:

The Brondel S300 comes with a series of strong and soft wash modes and it’s available with an elongated fit, dryer, remote and heating settings. Without the five pressure settings and hybrid cleaning technology, this is a product that will deliver a superior quality of wash mode. Brondel bidets are American made and based out of San Francisco California. The company has done some advanced programming with this bidet including specific user settings and quick wash settings that you can apply based on your preferences. If you are looking for a more intuitive style of Bidet that has unique programming options as well as a high build quality, this is a great choice.

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Alpha JX:

Alpha JX is a wave bidet toilet seat that is rich with features. Including options like an LED night light, warm air dryer, pulse and isolation settings and more, this is a product that is truly a high-tech bidet. The goal of the product was to produce a bidet that would be performance-based with a fairly no-frills design. The controls on the side deliver a strong spray with up to one litre per minute spray capacity. It has a low profile design and a number of luxury touches like the LED night light, stainless steel nozzles, comfortable lid and multiple spray and heat settings. If you are looking to upgrade your home bidet or you want to start with a product that’s going to be an excellent inclusion from the start, this can be considered one of the better bidets on the market today.

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Bio Bidet Slimedge:

The Bio Bidet slimedge is one of the most budget friendly bidets on our list. With its sleek and sturdy design its produced to be a stylish inclusion with minimal features for many bathrooms. The tilted control panel is designed for easy access while you are on the toilet and the comfort control knob can help you to find the perfect spray from a series of 3 spray settings. There’s a dual nozzle spray option for a series of spray patterns and water pressure controls. The product is designed for a simple DIY installation and the attachment is designed for a slim edge so that the product does not overly impact the way your seat rests. As an industry leader, this product comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty to protect it.

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Luxe bidet Neo 120:

The Luxe bidet fresh water spray is a luxurious and budget option built in a blue and white color scheme. The high-pressure faucet the day has a metal and ceramic core for durability and for handling high-pressure water. A hygienic nozzle guard gate is designed to shield the nozzle and improve the sanitary experience. The whole system can be installed in a DIY methodology. You can have it up and running in just a few minutes. The product will easily detached and attached to a two-piece toilet and it’s environmentally friendly. Within 18 months warrantee on this product the Luxe Bidet is a budget friendly bidet that you can purchase with confidence knowing that you can be protected if anything were to go wrong.

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Veken Ultra Slim:

The ultraslim by Veken is a bidet that’s produced in a nonelectric style sprayer. The water pressure that’s taken from the plumbing supply goes in through the inlet and then provides a complete wash. There are a few pressure settings available on this device and its buildout of a high-quality ABS with solid brass parts. The unique feature on the slimline version of this product is that it only adds .24 inches to the toilet seat. The unique frame structure maintains the integrity of your toilet and ensures that you can access a fully functional bidet as a toilet attachment. This simple chrome plated controls mean that you can. Easily adjust the water pressure and change the product over to cleaning mode when required. As a no-nonsense installation, this could be a great way that you could try out a bidet in your bathroom.

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Smart Bidet SB 1000:

The smart Bidet is an E Long dated toilet seat that also comes with a warm air dryer and temperature controlled wash functions. Self-cleaning nozzle oscillation and a series of heat and jet settings, make this one of the better consumer bidet fresh water sprays on the market currently. With five levels of adjustability, a remote control and an energy-saving mode, this is a device that truly thinks of everything. If you’re looking for resilient bidet that is going to bring on a number of excellent features, this could be the perfect choice for your household. It’s soft closing lid as well is its easy installation make sure that it can be a great choice to suit the needs of any bathroom.

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SOOSI Bidet:

The Soosi Bidet is an easy to install and Slimline style bidet that is designed to be much slimmer than other products on the market. Known for its high quality and durability, this is a product that’s made of a high impact ABS resin and designed to fit in with your current toilet design. It’s equipped with dual nozzles for rear and frontal wash and there’s a self-cleaning feature that can sanitize and retract to deliver the maximum amount of protection. The high-quality components on board this attachment make sure that it can last over a long period of time. Temperature control and self cleaning nozzles add to the features on this device.

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American Standard Aqua Wash:

This is a non electric freshwater spray bidet that comes with a series of detachable nozzles and spray patterns. The device has a telescopic lid design that can be made to conceal the ring around the top. It also has a push and liftoff feature for simple cleaning. American Standard has designed this bidet freshwater spray device with a simple top mount installation and to fit almost any conventional toilet. The aqua wash feature works fine for an easy installation but it has minimal features.

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If you are interested in getting access to a top-quality bidet, consider any of these top options as a starting product for your home!

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